Porcelain artworks

vase collectible - Dora Stanczel


Dora Stanczel takes us into the unknown territory of the porcelain. His luminous artworks and wall sculptures combine exceptional craftsmanship with a fine aesthetic. His delicate world reveals unique shapes that are triggered during firing. These poetic folds illuminating the space evoke fragments of the past fixed in the porcelain.

Her high-technicity collectible porcelain artworks talking in a silent way.  Discreet and timeless, their poetic language reflects the power of the nature and the beauty of imperfection. These unique pieces give a glance of the exceptional craftmanship which is obtained by constant quest for the limit of the material. After long experimentations where technical process is diverted result in a sophisticated language of forms revealing the fragility and strength of the material. Indeed, a piece gains its strength through its final firing and triggers unexpected shapes.

Thorned surfaces and ripped pieces combined in a sophisticated aesthetic of drapery evoking the most outstanding periods of art history. Her artworks gives a tribute to the italian renaissance and talk about the invisible where the fabric covering the body allows the imagination to invent what is unseen.  She plays with the porcelain to show simultaneously its strength and fragility and invite you to discover what story is hiding behind the visible.

The harmony of forms is a delicate collaboration between the porcelain and the artist. Indeed, the intelligence of the hand lies in the collaboration with the material and not in its control.  The beauty is in this collaboration which allows unique and spectacular transformation of the materiel.

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