Dora Stanczel

French ceramic artist

The intelligence of
the hand lies in the
collaboration with
the material and not
in its control.

French artiste, Dora Stanczel after being awarded a master’s degree in digital arts and attended numerous training sessions with the best porcelain artists in Europe, she opens her own ceramics studio in 2015. Since she develops an aesthetic language as a result of long experimentations. Her refined and luxurious porcelain pieces combine exceptional craftmanship and a unique sophistication.


On the search for the boundary of the material, her art reveals unexpected shapes and its natural beauty. Her technical inventivity allows to discover the unseen territory of the porcelain. Playing with the firing and inclusion of textile in her workprocess create subtle forms, lively and timeless artworks.

Contrary to the perfection of the classical craftmanship, she stands out for defending the importance of imperfection. Beyond the technical mastery of slipcasting, these unexpected imperfections are the focal point of her art. This is an endless quest for the collaboration with the porcelain instead of its control, a constant research of the harmony. She tames porcelain with a fine understanding: accept deformation, triggers errors, reuse what is discarded, reintegrate what is broken and so divert the technical process.


Behind the curves of undulations or golden curls there are images of the ocean and waves appearing. The aquatic landscape is a constant inspiration for Dora who is sailing weekly on the ocean at La Rochelle. Seeing curves and waves or facing the windy winter weather gives a sense of humility and understanding of the nature. The porcelain is as difficult to master as the navigation on the ocean where one always has to be ready for unexpected. This attitude lead the artiste to imagine the work of the porcelain as an ode to the collaboration with the accidental and the acceptance of pushing her boundaries.

The imprefect hand

Porcelain, golden embroidery

hidden legacy overall porcelain gold - Dora Stanczel

Hidden legacy

Porcelain, gold


Porcelain on a resin frame